the world staggered

not a space between

the world staggered
           not a space between
“Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.”
...Émile Coué
a solar golgotha earth all alone
humanity beautiful suddenly shattered shuttered bemoaning waves of the suffering of loved ones
the vulnerability of the elders
postponed gatherings isolation
the scourge from the caves yonder east
in no time
blanket bomb without warning  without borders all continents across the seven  seas
the world awakened with death
horrific calamity spread like wildfire hopscotched tornado fires
fear began to be feared
in no time
after a  feasting Thanksgiving
after a sumptuous joyous hopeful Nativity
after a glorious exploding fireworks New Year
the dances the togetherness stopped
the world staggered
yet in no time
we lean on each other
genuflect summon faith hope love
the sun after all is always there earth not forsaken
ahead of this year’s Season of Joy
collect ourselves reject fear  gather strength back
be in the groove again centered grounded
the social distance the gap in our loving
will be a tight loving hug like never before not a space not a light between
Photo: Online source Alfred Eisenstaedt.

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