Soul in Flight

The Great Escape
        Soul in Flight
from cradle to grave
The journey
in truth is our life
our fate
Our  destiny
we are
to die
nobody escapes life alive
said many times
throughout our
Life’s journey
we seek validity
Crave attention
Times we pretend
we wear masks
Remain incognito
Incognito we could
as well we did
For the good
Things we do
The compassion
The love we give
To our loved ones
And the strangers alike
Our readiness
To help to uplift
The downtrodden
Deeply Inculcated
In our moral identity
how we live life
is our happiness
as fate would have it
we create
our own happiness
we hunger for it
we hunger for love
we give our other cheek
we hunger material things
with as much fervor as
we hunger for spirituality
Yet our fate
our destiny
Always there
in the back
Of our mind
Sage like on a cliff
oblivious to our actions
Like a grandfather’s clock
Just ticking time
and time it is
our material shell
crumbles to dust
the shooting stars
that we were in
our youth our time
in paradise earth
under rainbows of
love lush with life
caring crying and laughing
now turned off dead
to darkness
And yet look!
our ashes
spiral from mother earth
firebird-like with
a flame of life to a new
Beginning of
Dust to dust
Cradle to grave
Our immortal soul
In flight once more
like the mockingbird
innocence of youth
with the wisdom of the divine
a new nest found
the great escape into a new life
(c)5.4.2019 NDR
Photo: a mockingbird/stock Pinterest

Nobody gets out alive from life precisely a paradox since death is the threshold to a new life.

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Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

You couldn't have said it any better. A wonderful philosophy of life. Great poem. I love it.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Thanks Robert. I knew you’d like it.

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