locking eyes

creatures like me
                 locking eyes
i commune with the squirrels
who does not talk to squirrels?
i commune with things beautiful
have a close rapport with nature
the seasonal blossoms fruits it offers
i walk the sidewalks enough that birds greet me
on my way to the car to the trash bins to the park
lizards on raised bed gardens cottontails grass munching
sat still as i pass by as i greet them sharing the walks
crows hop fly to the roof
soft calling watch me walk by
a tiny bird on the roof gutter
tweet high notes to catch attention
“how can i help you today?”
hovering hummingbirds in front
of the picture window seem saying
watching as i do the dishes mindfully
butterflies caterpillar arch dance around
and flitter over my shoulder cheerily
bees hopping from nectar to nectar
oblivious yet buzz my ears closer i be
i wish i could tell them these lovely friendly loving
creatures flying acrobatics lullabying me to sleep
rising me up with the sun at dawn
catching my attention as i pass by
sitting still like statues as i pass by
how i wish they knew
that the love and attention they give
each day each moment
is much taken wholeheartedly
filling the void that sometimes
bears on us on dark cloudy days
as they greet in flight with their fluttering wings
sing in loving tunes with the ripples of sunshine
during the twilights of the sun radiating energy
spreading the strength we need for the day
locking eyes with me
i wonder if the critters are just in awe
or in total fear of a preying creature like me
Photo: ndr Sanibel Island FL

mind wandering waiting for the strawberry moon trapeze. hah!

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Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

Or maybe we could call you St. Thomas of Assisi.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

;)) Yes St.Thomas of Assisi. Exactly.

I’ve got only one of the Stigmata, one in my chest, a stent if that counts. The other four I guess have been/ are spread out in my lifetime of suffering and God’s blessings.
Invisible Stigmata so to speak.
And “it is good”.

Maybe the critters are mistaking me for St Francis of Assisi. I’ll ask them.

Thanks Robert

about 2 years

We probably should start calling you Dr Dolittle (from the Eddie Murphy movie). LOL

Nice poem. Like!

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

Thanks Brod. Glad you like. Didn’t see Eddie M. Version but Rex H. I did.
Had two cats gifts from my daughter and son each. Went insane talking to them, locked eyes come dinner time and treats. Talked to all their friends in our backyard. Had a grand time till they crossed the rainbow bridge. Retired here in the Village nice to hear the critters around talking and singing. Happy!
Hmm...YouTube of Dr. Dolittle song could be good. Thanks again Brod.

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