The Swing Of Things

Happy as a Kid

Swing Of Things
              Happy as a Kid
Reel to reel tape quadraphonic front side sound blasters
Front center beer in one hand nail coffin in your mouth
Sat on the floor soak in the crisp jumpy rhythm of drum beaters
Latin bongos marimbas blurring the mambo beats far out
You opened your eyes tapes reeled off the spinners
A ribbon of pappardelle in search of sauce and pasta lovers
How it was before Bluetooth iPods Streaming ages ago
One more swig of hops step into the kitchen thinking dinner
Onions garlic salt and fresh black pepper to grind check
Only missing fresh lemon and wild caught sockeye salmon
Off you go whistling to your car two items be back in a sec
Down the aisle specials on pizzas two boxes in to cart thrown
Reduced organic bananas mangoes and sweet corn why not
Buy one get one free fish oil a thousand tablets can’t go wrong
Organic skinless chicken breasts today only dollar off yes you got
Sliced caramelized ham small right size got to get for slider buns
Got to have sugar and spice coffee bundled with smiley mug
Sardines from Spain and Morocco pull tabs take half a dozen
Sliders none on the shelves straight to bakery got brioches bag
French bread nice and warm pumpkin pie smiling to cart they gotten
Now half past five rush hour is here folks from work rush to flee
Wheel to cashiers flowers wink purple orchids come with glee
At last... back in the kitchen pull out the cutting board... but lo!
No lemon no salmon... Hah!...you craved for not tonight’s dinner
Mulled over what happened... a dread
Sliced the French bread
Pulled the tab off Spain
Forgot two things TWO you went out for... again
Into the swing of things instead you wheeled and go
Your face Neuman like a kid you were ages ago
                                * * *
Photo: Public Domain

A day in the life. Wish I called pizza delivery!

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