Thrive Never Quit

Strength In Weakness

Thrive Never Quit
           Strength In Weakness
“everything you want is on the other side of fear”
My family
And I are home
And we accept
Your love and blessings
As we endeavor
To be of service to you
Humbly and faithfully
Since the time you gave us
The gift of life
We heed your advice
For Paradise Earth’s redemption
We pray
As you had asked us
Now more than ever
Under the most extreme
Predicament and dilemma
We pray
Give us
The courage
To endure
Help us
Make the right decisions
To support each other
To get through
This uncertain and difficult
Time our home
Our planet Earth
Under a dark cloud
That we may
Our Father
Find strength
In our weakness
To touch again
To start over again
To thrive and never quit
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We find strength in our weakness

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