Cosmic Fire

Beds Of Hot Coals

Cosmic Fire
             Beds Of Hot Coals
A cosmic gift to Neanderthals prayer candles in cathedrals
A classical element nemesis of water equally complementary
Combusts rapidly flashes on perfect ambient conditions
Predator to oxygen sucks heat devours flammables
A Rembrandt frame highlighted in primal Van Gogh wrath
Waves of flaming amber red iron skyward spreading fast
Infrared heat wind blown scorching the far and the surround
Crackling ashes popping in the sky like muted fireworks
From nature’s wonderland habitats of jinns fauna and flora
Libra’s autumn colors die out against Leo’s summer blazing hues
Earth’s blood globs sizzle up glowing from the sapphire ocean
Traces jet like in flaming brilliant orange zigzagging to steppes
Like glow in the dark yellow centipedes climbing the mountains
Engulfing greens the bushes burping on grasslands and wetlands
Sparkling earth to tinders a vomit dark yellow death valley unfolds
No Nero was not playing the lyre neither was there a pagan
purifying carnival ritual
A magical glow sustains life a friend yet a foe a trident reaper
Holy in the home hearth and altar spiritual in all prayer temples
The flame of life eternal since Chaos breathed light to Aether
Heavenly light a spark that greets a new day a new birth
A celebration of life lit as well in the acceptance of death
Incanted in rituals summoned by worshippers to cleanse sins
Sweet healing incense bathing your soul as you sit in mudra
Naked in bed you surrender to the warmth of lavender oil candles
You begin to feel the divine power potency of the teardrop soft flames
Soothed and relaxed you rid the blemishes of the day’s excesses
Like Zeus with his nine muses and the magic wand thunderbolt
Sun the patriarch of the solar family of nine primordial siblings
Brings order a convivial carousel among children gathered around
Succoring them unlike Zeus with the vital force of life mighty element
The soul the innermost core Heaven’s Solar Wind the Cosmic Fire
And the mortals continue the yin yang rituals to purity their existence
Walk bare feet over beds of hot coals Prometheus' gift Zeus denied
                                                     * * *
Photo: ndr topsail nc sunset, "the sun the witch the reaper"
Video: YouTube "Walk on Fire"

Fire, the only element that humans can make, the last of the four classical elements I mused about sans a full moon. I was calm.

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