Little sister,
Release to me,
The fractured form of thunderous dreams,
Keep your heart and tethered eyes,
A shape of stone and wilted pride.
But give to me
Your second guess,
Your longest hours and lost regrets.
I swear to God
I’ll never tell,
They’ll never know
Of how you fell,
This world is yours,
I only wish,
To share it as I have before.
Dearest girl,
I’ll make this call.
And push these words through broken cords,
I won’t try to tell you things
Of which way the world will spin,
But I will crack
The static sound,
And breathe the sorrow you have found,
I swear this now,
I’ll see this through,
To climb your faults
And bleed your truths,
Your deaths are mine,
Each one I take,
And wait for those left last in line.


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