I’m in love
Ask me how I know (ha ha!)
I know because I smile while laying in my bed
I talk to him, he talks back to me
I’m in love because I play with him
I kiss him, he holds me close
He assures me that I’ll be ok
He tells me he loves me
We share each other’s thoughts, though his thoughts beat mine
I love this guy
He’s really sweet
He has captivated my heart everyday of the week
He makes me laugh, he makes me cry
But he’s always there to wipe the tears from my eyes
He makes me the happiest girl alive
I’m glad I met him, I really admire him
He’s a real truth, can’t ask for anyone better
He’s perfect and I haven’t experienced his best yet
I love him and I’ll love him forever.
Oh! Did I tell you who he is?
He’s King Jesus

Experiencing true love and I'm embracing it.

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oltre 4 anni

Wonderful poem! I feel honored to have read it...

Nickeisha Nicole
oltre 4 anni

Thank you Megan and Charlotte. God is the lover of our souls and we give Him praise. Keep sharing your lovely poems as they heal, comfort and uplift.

Megan Niehaus
oltre 4 anni

Absolutely amazing!! God has blessed us all. Love it !

Charlotte B. Williams
oltre 4 anni

Oh my gooodness when I got to the end I was so blessed. This is absolutely beauuuutiful !!!

Leesaan Robertson
quasi 6 anni

This is really beautiful, I'm glad to see someone like me who's inlove with the Almighty Jesus. I love this write, it's absolutely amazing.
Great work!!!

Nickeisha Nicole
quasi 6 anni

Thank you do much for your support. God is so good and I'm happy to meet you too. Remain a blessing.

circa 6 anni

simply superb, real worshipful write my friend, really lifts the heart to heights above in glory. good to meet another believer on here. God bless you.

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