Inspiration: A memorable new year

One shot, two shots, three shots, four
Stumbling out of my best friends door
Six shots, five shots, seven shots, eight
I’m struggling to articulate
Intoxicate, my mind is slow
Heart to hearts on a bathroom floor with someone I don’t know
Drink like a fish to let my demons go
Laugh some more and the poison flows
I’m losing self respect
But i have no regrets so i kiss a boy i just met like it’s russian roulette...
Vodka, cider, tequila and rum i'm not making sense but i’m just here too have fun so i...
Trip on air and fall to the floor, my body is numb and pain is no more
then friends gather round, take a picture, think it’s funny
Probably upload it in the morning with a caption, something punny
I’ve lost my phone, can’t find my keys... where’s my money?
I don’t care
Eyeliner smudged, there’s glitter in my hair
I feel floaty
I’m a boat at sea, time’s so slow and i need another wee
Colours fade to black
I know i’m nearly done
I’m left with my pride that sniggers
“Down another one”

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