Close my eyes and forget you
Forget you’re lurking
You’re always creeping
Stop thieving my sanity
I want to escape you
I’m chained to you like a prisoner of war
What is it you’re fighting for?
I’m fighting for freedom
Crush my hope
Watch it crumple in your fist
Eventhough you ruined my life
You’re not done with it
Are you apart of me now?
My blood on your hands
Is starting to feel like home
But home isn’t here
Noone can hear my screams
You own my mind and soul
Why should i fight for freedom?
when i have no control

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Cory Garcia
almost 4 years

Love this! It reads well from top to bottom and just as well bottom to top :)

I've read a few of these now and from my perspective you are very adept at conveying raw emotion and just as talented at taking the reader on the journey they are seeking.

Love your voice - keep on singing!

Olivia Grace Frederick
Olivia Grace Frederick
almost 4 years

Wow thank you so much! Comments like this is what keeps me writing

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