Inspiration: Standing by someone even though they hurt you

Love kills
Like a cigarette to my lips
Yours slowly ruin me
Butterflies infest my stomach like the smoke within my lungs
It’s hurting but it’s working
Permanently damage and scar my past with your presence
I need you in my life
Because I’m addicted to...
Bundles of appreciation
Pockets of infatuation
I live for mounds of dedication
Would kill for some reciprocation
Just don’t read the small print
WARNING: Danger of tears
Danger of naivety, self loathing
When my cigarette burns out
I’ll reach in my pocket for more
I have no idea when all of this will end
But you’re worth dying for

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Dhruv Singh ()
almost 4 years

too beautiful !

Olivia Grace Frederick
Olivia Grace Frederick
over 3 years

Thank youuuuu!!

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Dhruv Singh ()

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