Halyomorpha halys

moving to where the stink bugs never
stink their stink around my nose
chew on plants to make them grow
clearing the way as we endeavor
to rid the world of the critter
stinking itching biting bugs
praying mantis’s to be ordered
attracted to light –colored
new biting ones now
taking all the soy beans down
invasion from china all around
one terrorist free to torment
while leaving its opponent jailed
slipping through governments taxes
no passport in hand, and yet - here
without any warrant or arrest
change of name cheats the test
grow a couple of legs
and a stinky bomb sack
gets you through customs all the time
weapon of destruction still UN-found
going to china– retrieving the bird
frog or hog that eats this as a delicacy
on a warmer day they can cause
a great catastrophe

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