looking thru trust

Inspired to new heights! Thank you

i know that and long for that day
the day of pearls, will i get one
to polish and reflect the light
under your wing, holding the star
from shooting to far, because these fish
fight each other and makes the way far
will you apply the eye salve so i can see
wrap me in the invisible cloak of wool
grounded on the rock that floats
holding my hand so that i am not alone
taking a shower outside is refreshing
the seeds rolling between lips and tongue
this is the creation of the beginning
making the three one, whole, complete
as was the pie before the cuts were made
now seeping in love to fulfill it’s purpose
now the none being seen as one –of a part
the tattooed nun will have to depart
for the rules are guarded here,
with sword and spear.
teased by flames
while jumping hoops of love
and where the whole group
stands on top or bottom as above
riding on the notes of the voices
drifting amongst the copulating butterflies
tasting the smell and being the music
we dance

Inspired by Trust
by Cory Garcia
What Does the Other Have
by Cory Garcia

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