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o -no

it don’t take long for a yo-yo to get from point a to point b
like me up and down all in the same breath
how could it be, where does to it go
the steel beams inside are like jello to the eye
the stead fast feet slipping all around
this pillar standing strong, with the others leaning by
the object of the matter is not the matter
yesterday still unseen and tomorrow never captured
the mystery solved with the lifting of the hatter
fantasies fixed with the door closed at nigh
feet shod with chains holding me tight
the paint sometimes get smeared
with out any warning!   ah-ah-achoo
goes the cold leaving off steam for the passer buyer
the little red pill starts the thrill
in timed segment 32, 2, 48, 10,
getting the egg with out the hen
the bleeding of the days into one, –month, day or year
the game left on pause,  could start a cause
for who knows this all could be mr santa clause
in for a week– sickness hanging– round
not sure what will be found
i think i might be drowned

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