Caricamento in corso...

slaying ones dragon

while registering to buy Italy
your mistaken identity diminished
wrapped around and covered
with banana peels and egg shells
castings smell and then you sell
grubs sound better  for the picking
chickens protein is made in soup
while reading the paper
one hope to be found and polished
made ready for the day
that gestures didn’t get in the way
they say, that feelings can be abolished
the vote was anonymous
the words your reading– is print
imprinting on the minds of the weak
every week, as the digesting is devoured
and we continue to scour to meet the demands
as we holler through tipped glass
washing away the clay, as they still say
that we should get more sleep
after laying the paper down
can bring bad dreams
and wrong choices the next day
so do not delay, bring on the ray

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