Caricamento in corso...

the line

the m is the w
only backwards or upside down
maybe if one is colored
we can tell them apart
we can tell them which way to go
and maybe they will follow
the yellow one with green feet
yeah, he’s the one officer
that collects tear’s in the bottle
and called them his
he only mimicked them, he thought
he felt, he crumbled under such
weight, the weight of an anchor
is it to be considered in the equation
of the lost and dieing or just left for the
vultures, turkeys hawks got there first
the crumbling of such a wall
leaves one in such a state
that they forget how to drive home
the scenery on the way back looks so familiar
(this is the long way around, you think)
what is the missing piece that will complete it
was it lost, or never to be had,
maybe given away by accident
thrown over board swallowed by the whale
that refuses to spit out such a gem
the oyster that wont give up it’s pearl
the clock that lost all it’s seconds
if only to glue them together
in such away that makes sense
together, yeah  together
means, two– bond-glued
together, yeah  that’s it. it takes two
that is the m, that is the w

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