Caricamento in corso...

the mind of eve

lost in the scent as the smelling dances
escorting beauty by the hand - buy the hand
because the tone is in the air
as the spider spins her web - her web
on a hill, the breeze wrapping you in my hair
four square is a partner dance - a partner dance
the whirlpool of life is conquered by the fish
Dylan directing the wind beneath my toes - my toes
a star is the smallest of light compared to you
with twelve legs, five on one side, one with out end - with out end
they understand me here, cold and silent thou they be
the bubble gum stuck between finger and thumb - finger and thumb
i stumble on your toes while kissing them
the acid seeping from it’s casing - it’s casing
arrhythmic patterns attuned by fork
the strong bones of which you stand - you stand
never caught-ING the shadow
drawing up with a straw –slowly savoring– slowly savoring
the song made whole with salt
kindle the blue as it is a part of red - a part of red
as i make my bed

line for word
after reading-
Describing Eve
by Cory Garcia

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