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the tear that froze

the thin pentacles growing tentacles
covering over as if by suffocation
the dwelling in which you live
and know what fine line lays
between each second of a minute
the ice water pouring over your hands
the straw house used up
the smoke gave the warning
and keep the bay in the pasture
grazing on green grass
with ice crystals covering it,
as is brakes the horses teeth
-2.6 at the moment is history
as it is being created or destroyed
what fear cascades in fire
yet the beauty of ice, how harmless
electric going out could start a chill
knowing how to prepare –for Alaska
maybe not the best idea
the difference between in and out
the struggle for life– in the balance
the heaviness as it squeezes
the cat playing has no worries
snoring dogs are not barking
a big difference a little thing can be
frozen satellite’s fall from the sky
the communication becomes necessary
to see if life can exist on mars
the wind whipping sand whips back
piling high the casualties
as they fall from your mouth
in perfect ice bubbles that float
twirling around all the midgets
stuck to the pole by the nose
because Jack made a dare
and caught them in a snare
of frozen silk stronger than any steel
through the cracks it howls
the agony of yesterday past
will i perish with the night

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