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alexis karpouzos

Alexis karpouzos was born in Athens on April 9, 1967, after attending philosophy and social studies courses at the Athens School of Philosophy and political science courses at the Athens Law School, he continued his studies in psychoanalysis and the psychology of learning. In 1998 founded the international center of learning, research and culture, a wisdom forum for studying issues of science and society in an integral way. He has been a visioner in the development of post-history sense of cosmic unity and the integral consciousness. The poetic thought of Alexis karpouzos is a expressions of soul's inner experiences, expression of universality. The inspiring visual images and the symbolic use of language offer a description of elevating experiences of consciousness, a glimpse of higher worlds. His philosophy speak to the human experience from a universal perspective, transcending all religions, cultural and national boundaries. Using vivid images and a direct language that speaks to the heart, his philosophy evokes a sense of deep communication with the collective unconscious, a sense of connection to all the creatures of the world, compassion for others, admiration for the beauty of nature, reverence for all life, and an abiding faith in the invisible touch of world. Alexis karpouzos thoughts are often terse and paradoxical, challenging us to to break out of the box of limiting beliefs and see things from a new perspective. Above all, Alexis karpouzos continually calls to us to wake up and explore the mysteries within our own selves, i.e. the mysteries of universe.

Isabella Koldras

Passionately curious...astute observer of the psyche, the inner and outer world..with a love of all things beautiful...with a desire to liberate myself...I developed an interest in the Art/Literature/Music/Wonder of It All...in my early life...which has continued throughout my life journey, thus far, as I travelled from Poland through Germany to the spiritual land of Australia. I guess...the creative aspect of my personality has always been there. After spending much of my time being engaged as the Justice of the Peace (Statutory Office Holder), Medical Scientist and Bioethicist and...appreciative of every country's Art/Museums/Galleries/Literature...regardless of what human culture created the artistic secular/sacred works...I had considered developing further my own interest in oil painting and creative writing. That let me to embark on my new path of creative realization of my dreams. And for that gift, alone, I'm forever grateful. I'm deeply inspired by the mystery of life and a host of traditional, ancient included, writers/artists/poets...contributing greatly to the best creative works of our planet. It helps to; 1. be fluent in and experience another culture's linguistic/artistic insights; a different language is a different way to see life and our world and all art is autobiographical and saying something about the person creating it, 2. consider how human consciousness has changed over time...using human motivation as the most important raw source of a creative work and the irony as the gaiety of reflection and joy of wisdom, and 3. to choose in all things... *to be, rather than to seem. Acutely conscious of the transitory nature of my earthly joy...try to make the most of the gift of time... *Esse Quam Videri. - Cicero Poetry is like a dream of philosophic love. - Francis Bacon The knowledge of different literatures frees one from the tyranny of a few... - Jose Marti