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Cece Oh!

I was born in Oriental Mindoro, a province in the Philippines. We didn't have many neighbors, I only had few close friends despite my being quite approachable. I used to like the idea of being famous by performing onstage, having the typical talents that my classmates had -- like singing and dancing -- but I wasn't good at both. And so, I grew up into a very introverted person. I rarely speak; although when I do, some of my friends think that my words are always full of sense and humor. But their words didn't help much in my personality development, so, I decided to search for other talents that I could possibly have. That's when I decided to write things (weird or extraordinary, sometimes stupid) random things just popping up inside my head. Some people liked my writings-- my teachers, classmates, friends and my high school crush :). I started reading other people's writings, too, so I could learn more, impress those people some more (possibly gain confidence from their praises). Then I learned how to write poems and how amazing it is to be able to write one's thoughts in verses. I wrote some, and they had been published in our school paper back in high school. But, I didn't take creative writing or anything alike as my course for college. I had to follow what my dad wanted me to take-- Accountancy (it's quite easy to find a job here in the Philippines if you are an accounting graduate, and I badly need a good job to help my poor family). I'm doing fine, but not as fine as I would have been if I had taken creative writing. So, I tried to find a place where I could post my poems and possibly have some people to read them, then, I found this site and I hope it'll be a good refuge for me when I need to let out words that I can't let out with accounting. :) ETA: I have not been in this site for seven years. Yes, seven long years. I actually forgot I had this account (my cousin accidentally found it after searching my name on Ecosia). Lol. The cringe I feel about the things I said here... Beyond explanation. I won't delete them though. It's kinda nostalgic. Just in case anyone may find it interesting, in the last seven years, I have become a CPA, a financial analyst, an even worse introvert, BUT I have not lost my love for poetry. I haven't written much in years, but I think I'd like to give it a try once more.