The wave of darkness is coming
It’s strong this time
Pulsating through my veins
I feel pain
It crashes into my skull
Straight to my brain
The walls are caving In
Peripheral vision blurry
Voices become quieter
And the buzzing in my ear rises
Coming over me with no surprises
The devil rises
Through me
I can see my life as a stream
A stream in a circle
Like a doughnut or a race track
The water flows and it flows quickly
Round and round again
The rocks stop the flow
Then sometimes the wind pushes the water forward
I have no grasp on time
As the darkness swims through me
Circling through my heart
Pumping un-pure blood through my veins
Enough to make the calmest insane
A power no one can stop
You can only ignore
It’s so strong it thrusts me to the floor
I’m weak
It’s won now
I’ve lost all connection to the external world
It’s sucked me in
It’s drained me thin
Nothing left but me and my sins

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