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Restless, in emotions,
I can sense the pulling oceans
I don’t want to feel this anymore.
Dragging me deeper in,
neglecting the face of sin,
I don’t want to see this anymore.
Pouring a glass of water,
emotions getting hotter,
I do this so I can see the shore.
Driving myself deeper,
I don’t even see her,
I can’t do this anymore.
Wake up in the morning,
feel a kind of morning,
for the person, I was once before.
Sinking deeper in the sand,
emotions getting out of hand,
I can no longer keep score.
In and out of sleep,
in way too deep,
becoming the rising of the shore.
Farther I sail out,
no one can hear me shout.
Drowning out voices from before.
Close my eyes to hear me breathing,
it is this life that is deceiving,
I don’t want to be me anymore.

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