It plays over an over again in my head
It won’t go away, can’t get out of my bed
5 am and the feelings are all gone.
Is it the will to be right or the fear to be wrong?
Back and forth with the same tune, the same song.
Heard this all before, I bet we can all sing along.
Sarcasm, you get it? I bet it...
Stuck in your own head, thinking of others, forget it.
Are people all the same?
Who’s to blame?
Being a cynic is a new game.
I look at your face and memories are still the same.
Months and years pass, still haunted by your name.
We pretend it never happened because we doubt it ever would.
Now I'm drowning in a pool of "should".
Farther away from life, I used to live and breath.
Enough to make a Saint dry heave.
There is only one thing I should believe.
It’s about your gut instinct,
and the will to let go and relieve.

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