Life flows in unexpected directions.
So long I have felt disconnected from everyone.
A bit disconnected from myself at times.
Losing my 9-5 feels daunting, but -
a sense of freedom.
Too much time to reflect,
thats not good for me.
Can’t go back down that same road.
Familiar, but not pleasant.
I can feel your energy drifting away.
Maybe it is all in my head.
Not so good and recognizing the difference.
It’s been lovely spending time with you,
Might have taken that time for granted.
Life has gotten us tired,
feeling a bit worn out.
Don’t give up on me.
I hope, I don’t give up on me.
I want life to pause.
Maybe losing a routine
was exactly what I had asked for.
New beginnings, so many opportunities -
can’t help but feel excited–
also a bit lost.
I had asked for an answer
yet this wasn’t quite what I excepted.

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