Sitting down, I unlock the chains around my wrists.
Move down to my ankles, I unlock those too.
How long have I been in this cage?
Holding the bars as if I feel nostalgia.
Its cosy here though, it’s safe.
I have everything I need, to exist.
I look at this shiny golden key in my hand.
Do I trust this, is it too good to be true?
I take a deep breath and unlock the door.
It’s a dark, wet and cement hallway.
The lights flicker as I keep walking.
I clutch the key in my hand,
and it makes indents in my palms.
The hallway looks endless.
And then everything gets dark,
walking still but no lights.
Dead, silent I can hear my own breath.
Hear the blood pulse through my veins.
Breath deeply, surrender, keep going.
I see this twinkly light at the end.
Its glistening, but I still don’t trust it.
Keep going, and the light gets bigger.
It’s so white and blinding that I can’t see.
Everything turns white and I drop my key.
It makes a shiny clinking noise, and echos.
Feeling grass on my feet, wet blades of grass.
Soft like a carpet. I dig my feet deep.
Feeling a breeze around me.
I breath in deep again.
The light fades slowly.
My eyes were closed.
So I open them slowly.
I see a vast, vast green meadow.
Bright vibrant green grass,
and vibrant blue skies and fluffy clouds.
The horizon is endless.
The blades of grass run tall.
I start running, running, running.
Faster and faster I go till I feel my feet lifting
up off of the ground.
I smile finally as I start spring up
into the sky, and through the clouds.
I keep going higher and higher up,
until I disappear.

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