It plays over an over again in my head
It won’t go away, can’t get out of bed
5 am and I’m feeling gone
Is it the will to be right or the fear to be wrong
Back and forth with the same tune, same song
I heard this all before, I bet we can all sing along
Sarcasm, you get it? I bet it
Stuck in your own head, thinkin of others, forget it
Are people all the same
Who’s to blame
Because now a days society has it’s own name
Being a sinic is now a new game
Time is loosing fame
Going to fast for us, that’s what we have to blame
I look at your face and memories are still the same
Months and years pass, still haunted with your name
Just like fight club, there’s one rule we don’t talk about it
Forget about it
We pretend it never happened because we doubt it
Talking about so many things, if you’re still listening you’re about it
Remind me that one day I’ll plant a sead in my future and sprout it
Farther away from the life I used to live and breath
Enough to make a saint dry heave
There is only one thing to believe
It’s about your gut instinct and the will to let free and relieve

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