I love you more than I know you

It’s possible to love someone you don’t know
It’s hard because these feelings can never show
Maybe I have a perfect perception of you
Maybe this perception is not true
I live in a land of wonder in my head
I think about the times we could’ve had before I go to bed
I wonder if anyone understands the lust I have for love
Maybe they don’t realize that love comes from up above
The universes align  and make me attract to you
Energies that drive us black and blue
I’m drawn to the thought of me and you
Something that I wish would come true
Inside my mom is a parasite
It took away her perception and her sight
She can’t decipher from wrong or right
Not understanding keeps her up at night
She will never love the way I do
The feelings I have for you are true
You walk into the room
My heart stops with a boom
There is a different parasite in me
It takes away my ability to be free

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