Soul feelings soul reactions

I felt my life flash before my soul today
It was a horrifying yet incredible experience
The sun beating down
Glimpses of a second
Seconds in a moment
My body went to places I’ve experienced
Places I’ve experienced emotion
A great deal of emotion
I felt the same feelings again
My thoughts interlocked
Interlocked with the ones before
I saw myself younger
Seeing myself older
The clocks reversed
I saw the sun today
And I saw its worth
The sky was clear
The sun was beating
The air was cold
But the sky brought me back
Back to my lake
Back to my cottage
It scared me
I felt before
Is anyone keeping score?
Of what I’m saying
I’m not playing
What I felt was real, surreal, unreal
Maybe what I’m saying doesn’t make sense
But in that moment it was anything but nonsense

It's hard to explain this phenomena of a feeling, but today I've experienced déjà vu emotions where I know I felt or thought the same things before but a long time ago, it's like instead of seeing my life flash before my eyes I felt it inside me, then it helped me visualize a picture in my head. Almost like I was dying.

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