Undeniable Truth

The undeniable truth is the end,
it’s when we truly see things for what they really are.
The bigger picture comes to life, and when it pains
us, it’s time to release and let go.
You may  remember things differently,
maybe not as they are but as they were.
The constant pull back into the memories
of who we once were and what we once saw.
The pain of the forgotten, the memories
left untouched, or the ones we anticipate.
We become a product of our imagination.
To see only the truth, we need to know ourselves.
We’re different versions in everyone else’s eyes.
The only thing that matters is the voice that helps
you rest easy at night
The sleepless ones are the ones we never forget.
I had a dream I could fly, and because of this
I could do anything. I could do anything
because I wasn’t afraid to fall.
I couldn’t I would not let it happen.

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