Time is endless

Shifted timelines today.
Saw a path unravel
before my very eyes.
You couldn’t see it yet.
It wasn’t anything -
I could explain.
An inner knowing -
I was on the wrong path.
Well nothing is wrong it’s just -
just -
wasn’t good.
At least the possibility,
that it could even exist.
Even if the probability -
one out of many.
Can’t risk it.
When someone has so much
And you walk away -
their whole life can change too.
I didn’t want to finish the movie.
Just fantasize about the end in my head.
You did come back by the way.
I always thought you wouldn’t.
They said you’d come back again.
Never believed you would.
Wanted to pause the music,
at the good part.
Wanted to freeze time -
so I would never see you,
with someone new.
Wanted to exit -
in delusion.
Wanted to close
the book.
Wanted to discard,
the evidence.
Wanted to -
hide the truth.
Tried to rewrite the wrongs.
Tried to go back in time.
Tried to see you again.
Tried to wake up next to you.
Tried it a second time.
Almost a third.
You can try to go back,
but you can change the future.
By simply one choice.
And I made mine.

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