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Wasted potential

Tyler the creator ..."In hate wasted potential, that shit really crushes your spirit"

The more you run from something,
the more it begins to follow you.
The thing you want to stop thinking about..
is the only thing on your mind.
What ends, will always being.
So tell me something  that is worth waiting for,
because everything is a blessing in disguise.
I am in reverse, and there is nothing
In the skies.
She looks at you with illusion
in her eyes.
And she realizes to your demise,
we are all pretending in disguise.
You lay there, and when you
close your eyes, you realize,
all those potential lives
passing you by.
All your potential opportunities
that never arise.
She senses the pain within your
“crystal clear” eyes.
You then breath a sigh of release
because we live our lives
based on lies.

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