Big hands are pulling me out of a tunnel.
I’m scared and start to cry, then look around.
There is a big happy lady with tears in her eyes.
She holds me to her breast and sings to me.
I learn to drink her milk, then she takes me home.
I copy the way she smiles, walks, and talks.
Later I will meet new friends at school.
I want to learn to be a doctor like my mother.
I studied hard and graduated from med school.
I got a job at the hospital and made her proud.
Years later she started to weaken and passed away.
I lost my mother, my best friend and mentor.
She endured all my insolence and rebellion.
She was so loving, and I will surely miss her.
Every Mother’s Day I will visit her grave.

This is the shorter version of "A Love Compelling" This one goes into a magazine called, "The Belt And Beyond." (the Mother's Day issue.)

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Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Thanx Nelson. Love sheltered me and led the way for me all my life.

Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

Comforted with love from conception, love from your mother made sure is seeded in you before the umbilical cord is severed-the birth and bridging of compassion in you.
Like. Thanks Robert.

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