A Matrimonial Prayer

Dear God.  Respect and persevering love prolong the sensation of joy as they remain in the souls of lovers and loved ones.  They strengthen the bond that love needs to flourish in.  Even silence and aloneness is a sacred space where pure thoughts are a resting place for love’s contentment.  The stronger it is, the more it overpowers the desire to fill it with slander.  Words spiked with thorns can pierce the heart and make it ache with regret, as it breaks the spirit that love once fortified.  
The most domineering voice forever tries to dominate the other, while its strength lies in mutual consent, where husband and wife together submit only to your authority.  
Please bless our marriage and help us become stronger together as one unit, loving each other and keeping that bond intact.  Amen.

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Charlotte B. Williams
almost 4 years

Beautiful !!!

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