My soul begged me to fill it
with a sound unheard before
to soothe the rough edges,
the ones that dig into my heart
with its unsavory picks and shovels
and starve my soul of the
tasty  fruits I need to
nourish my pride,
my love of music and myself,
and designate me
a pioneer of a certain sound
that my soul told me that I needed,
a certain harmony spiced
with exotic herbs,
a heavenly dictator that chose me
to send it into the future,
to shape the world of music,
a pioneer to bring it into prominence,
a man to further sensitize himself,
to feel the power of love and music,
to submit himself to its influence,
to place himself under its command,
to respect the power that’s
emitted from it
and liken it to the Almighty’s,
to educate himself to understand it,
to use his resources to perfect his skills
so he can execute and perform it,
to listen to himself and not the critics,
to keep working on that one sound,
to keep himself further immersed in it
until he becomes satisfied
with what he did,
a man that I have to become
to be that man,
a true artist dedicated to
satisfy himself and nobody else.
Then eventually they will listen
to that strange music
that overcame them.

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