Upheaval looms up in the ominous skies
As the stillness grows restless down below.
The heavy air sits upon the glassy seas
With its weighted feet dangling in the water.
The calm is at peace not at peace with itself,
And contented inside but looking for a way out.
As hell rises to the air from clarions calling,
And blackness assembles high above the ships,
And nervous clouds pace around the lower sky,
Mother Nature unleashes her fury upon the seas.
She kicks up the waves with her mischievous feet
And plays with the ships as they rock and roll.
Her thunder claps to the rhythm of the skies
Like piercing cymbals at the music’s max.
She curses the silence with her deafening roars
As the earth tries to hide from her piercing voice,
But can’t find a sanctuary or a quiet place.
All hell is all around as it moves upon the shore.
She bends the trees as they bow to her authority.
She converts the brooks into raging rivers.
She howls through the trees in a fever pitch
Until her howling gets old and tired;
Then settles down to a whimper, then to a whisper,
Then a murmur, then a silence.
Then she lays down and sleeps in the
Silence of the winds.

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Robert L. Martin
almost 2 years

I guess she fared alright. She made it through til the next day.

Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

Mother Nature had a bad day and didn’t have her usual afternoon nap. Hope she has a goodnight sleep and not wake up with a nightmare!

Thanks Robert. Like.

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Nelson D Reyes

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