Missiles of microscopic dimensions,
of iron, skin, blood, and sand,
half human and half beast,
half steel and half flesh,
like gargoyles jumping
off their mounts
in armored bodies with seven heads,
with razor sharp talons of steel,
dipped in the blood
of the oleander,
the perfume of the macabre,
the venom of the flying beast
with talons outstretched,
poised to fly through porous channels
down through dark corridors,
eyeing its way to the
heart and lungs,
ripping through the flesh
and spreading its venom
to targeted places of vulnerability,
launched from random platforms,
from demonic plantations,
sown by the slaves of the beast,
nurtured by the heat of the nadir sun
shining up from the pits of hell
and reaped by the hands of the devil.
Out into the dark night it flies,
out into the light made dark,
into the pure air made impure,
into the holy air made unholy,
the virginal air made contaminate,
the good made evil,
the flight of the missile,
half human, half steel
with its talons dipped in venom,
then the beating of the fists
against its proud brass aegis.
The victory of the evil germs,
of the missiles in the breath.

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8 months

dang...i was trying to find a way to write about the virus..and could not ever come to a way...this is incredible..how unique...i remember writing about the bubonic plague once ...and it just was not there..because I was not there ...i can write historical maybe but could not think of a way to write it in a unique and interesting yet still poetic way speaking of a virus...this one you just blew me away..this is what I wish I could have written..
"like gargoyles jumping off their mounds"?
just great ..nothing new there though :D

Robert L. Martin
Robert L. Martin
8 months

Hi Catherine It was easy for I just let my imagination run rampant

Nelson D Reyes
9 months

Don’t cough. Swallow the missiles like you would a sword or torch. And crush them in your churning acidic innards.

What a dreadful time we are in today. Life is so precious all we can do is stay home which makes sense since home is the safer if not the safest refuge to be in and comforted. Provided of course you have the basic necessities to stay alive. Food, meds and love.

Thanks Robert. Poem captures the predicament the world is facing today.
Great images! Love.

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