Black billows rising in the tender sky,
Ominous clouds with menacing faces,
Propagating themselves in poetic motion,
Moving in and out and thru and thru,
Gathering strength in their slithering,
In the building of the aerial fortress,
Demonic artists on the fly,
Scraping the pasted blue off the gloss,
Sneering at the virgin forests,
Claiming their place in the upper regions,
Lower than the heavens and closer to hell,
Their proud rumbling and thunderous drums,
The fire, the ice, the rants, the raving,
The disruption of the peace,
The demolition of the fragile earth,
The running of passion unattended,
The beauty of the wild,
The adornment of the beast,
Then the rains from his contorted mouth,
The winds from his behemoth lungs,
The downward spiraling of the air,
Nature in her own yard, her domain,
Her hell, her fire, her heaven,
Her schizophrenia, her rage,
Her smiles, her sighs, her peace,
Heaven on earth, earth in hell,
Hell mingling with the heavens,
Her spirited romps through
Her playgrounds of pleasure.

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