Power Ride

Virtuoso ride in a sea of power
Among the swells and troughs,
Roller coasters of the quickened heart,
The briny waves of blue and green,
Of white and silver crashing,
The music of their might and brawn,
The power of their colossal tides,
Feeling their surge inside,
Their taking over the pianist’s fingers,
His iron fingers, slaves of their authority,
The leading him up into celestial realms,
Into crimson sunsets and quixotic nights,
Into the kingdom of divine secrets,
Yielding to their power and musicality,
Shedding his pride and ego,
Stuffing their prowess into mind and soul,
The kneeling down to music’s authority,
The God, the music, the love, the devotion,
The ride of the enamored one,
His new kingdom at his fingertips,
His performance where
Earth and time became lost,
Where he became a rider into
Music’s celestial kingdom
And felt the power of divine grace
That lifted him up into it.

I felt like him before, but not often enough.

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