That Special Night

That Special Night
I found it deep within my soul
That power, that steaming current on the go
Turning my timid spirit into a rage
My life into a book without a page
Alien creatures moved up my spine
With charging bayonets up to the rhyme
An iron poem dug its way out
And clung to my heart thereabout
Where celestial melodies reigned supreme
Where earth became an alien dream
I climbed mountain peaks to see what I saw
As golden harps sang to me in my awe
Beauty with its rhymes smiling at me
Sunsets drifting as far as I could see
Infinity looking back at me in the mirror
All dressed up in frankincense and myrrh
She smiled and said I was the chosen one
To inherit all her strength and then some
That I will fly back to earth with a melody
Locked in my heart in its drifting slowly
I played my solo that night like never before
The Gods of music filled me and every pore
Beauty was crammed into all my empty spaces
Took me into grand palaces and all splendid places
That special night will forever stay with me
In my memory, that sacred eternal sea

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