The dark side in us all
The devil’s chosen advocates
Untouched by society
Wild animals trapped in cages
With shackles around our itchy feet
Where freedom is a song of hope
Of flying out of cages
Out of inhibitions
Breaking through the limits
Into spaces unencumbered
Where truth is a story of us
Where truth is an obligation
Where poets gather around
And lose themselves
In their visions
In their passion
In their actions
In their abruptness
In their nature
In their writing
The dark side of us
That forbidden side
That hidden side
That forgotten side
That’s still there
Waiting to be let out
That poetry that defines
What we are inside
The wild beast that we are

This is about the character in the movie I saw the other night called "Quills."

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Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Thanx Nelson. I have a hard time explaining to people why I get inspired from the character from this movie, Quills, since the character was so vile, but he was extremely passionate and driven to write about his thoughts, his true thoughts with no rose coloring.

Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

A lot of truth in this poem. The other side of the moon that’s never seen but exposed plainly in our daily life. Indeed all along we had darkness-primordial chaos and darkness until light was cast and we saw truth in our visions. Darkness suddenly goes side by side with brightness, enlightenment-faith, hope and love. Thanks Robert. Must be a good movie. Like.

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