Two brothers were born from the same womb.  One could memorize countless words from the dictionary and adapt them to his speech.
The other brother, a poet, was blessed with the ability to see into things and express his feelings from his heart, but lacked the ability to do it through conversation.  
Life was easy for the eloquent one, because people were impressed by his speech and gravitated toward him.  He married a beautiful woman, and took her to his luxurious house; all that he amassed through his high paying job.
His poet brother found life not so easy.  His failure to express himself through conversation limited him to low-paying jobs and a deep yearning for the love from a woman.
But as their lives began to right themselves through time, eloquence seemed to become less important, while their true selves began to surface as being in control of their fate.
Since the eloquent brother had nothing to substantiate his speech, his lack of sincerity came to the surface where those around could see it.  His beautiful wife abhorred him and left him alone in his misery.
The poet found a wife that could see the earnestness inside of him, the kind that transforms thoughts and emotions not in words, but in spirit.  Mutual admiration does not rely on speech, but in the true self that gave birth to it.  They didn’t live their lives in luxury, but had a deep love based upon what they themselves did for each other and didn’t rely on eloquent speech to try and do it for them.

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over 5 years

What lies inside is what a heart will seek. Thank you for sharing your work.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Thank you very much

Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 5 years

Nice poem.

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