When complacency  has settled in
and taken root in the soul,
sending the impassioned to their tombs,
that illspirited spirit that
mixed the darkness
into the heat of the vibrant light
and invented a new poetry
that took place of the passionate
called penumbra, a black and white,
a numbing of the senses,
a standing still in the moving currents
alone from a kiss that kindles a fire,
a cloud that holds up the sky,
a chariot that runs along the firmament,
a poetic spirit that
spirals around the stars,
that turns the earth inside out,
that turns data into the imaginal,
iron into feathers,
misery into euphoria, and earth into space.
Alas, the rebellion of the committed,
the healing of the wounded spirit,
as warriors arise to the
horn of the common man,
the pleas of the spiritless,
the defeated ones who once were poets,
who circled the earth
with their colossal wings,
who glamorized the ugly
and breathed life into the lifeless,
the ones with their imagings
inside their prisons,
granted a reprieve to shed their shackles
and rise with the winds
of the southern skies,
a new spirit that warmed the darkness
and brought the poets out of their tombs.

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Robert L. Martin
12 months

Thanks so much Catherine. I absolutely loveall your poems. I try to make mine as good as yours. Thanx so!! much.

12 months

Uhhhhh... yes please...i wish i could say something profound..but this might just be a favorite of mine in your repetiore....wow...just wow..blown away by this one...and I of course as you know..love the content and what it speaks of...so maybe im bias...but Im loving the rhyme scheme and its powerful use of word as well..i got some catch up too do in yours..i feel silly favoriting or loving all your poems..it probably makes it seem like im just doing it frivolously...but i promise im not..i just truly enjoy the maturity of your stuff..

Robert L. Martin
about 1 year

Thanx for the word "revenant." I never used that one before

Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

Indeed the spirit of a poet-eternal-a revenant that always rises with the sun.

Thanks Robert. Like.

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