Mobile Truths

Truth is the only language spoken by the spirit within.  How much influence it has on us is determined by how much we can feel its presence.  It doesn’t disclose its desirability until the first influence of falsehood overcomes us.  Its dominant effect also reveals to us those who manipulate it for their own selfish gains.  From how it built up our own intellect, we can discern how others use it; if it is in a selfish manner or the Holy Spirit talking.  We become our own introspective judges.  
Any substitute for truth will in time reveal its own disguise.  If others take the time to weigh the good and the bad, or the right and the wrong, it will allow them to find out the truth.   From our reasoning that the spirit dominated us with, we can interfere with its outcome by knowing the source of its motives.  We can protect ourselves from being harmed by its initial presentation.  It is inevitable that lies will be discovered, but sometimes it can be too late.  The damage will have been done.  
Those who manipulate the truth can also eventually manipulate themselves.  If something seems to exist the way they want it to, they can call it the truth even though it isn’t.   If it reinforces their initial opinion, it will influence them to act as if it were the absolute truth.  These misinterpretations can act as demons that direct them to act according to how they were told.  Until they find out that these demons resulted from the way they saw the truth, they will be harmful to others as well as themselves by their misguided reactions.  God help them.
Mobil truths are offshoots of the divine truth.  They magnify and extol themselves until the absolute truth is forgotten about.  They cater to those who need them. They are like the foam on top of the waves declaring that the foam is the power that drives the motion of the ocean, whereas the divine truth is the power.

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