Exalted Reciprocation

As the patient danced into the office, jubilation was written all over his face.  His psychiatrist asked what made him so happy, and he answered.  
“Please don’t try to analyze my thoughts or feelings today.  Just let me dream.  I am floating through infinite spaces now.   Words are beyond my comprehension.  I know nothing and have no name,”  As if an unknown power was directing his speech.  
“All I have is a pure understanding of what heaven is like.  Words are only rhetoric that clouds my mind and tries to dominate the purity that’s in my heart.  I am beyond religion where love has answered its many questions.
The reason why I am always alone is that conversations bring me down.  Because I don’t know much about the physical world and don’t want to constantly hear about people and their faults, I wander away from them.
It is rare to find a conversation where I feel uplifted like the one I had today.  If one speaks to the divinity in others, he receives a dignified response: an exalted reciprocation.  It that discourse was built upon dignity and maintained by it, it will expand into the bosom of morality, the jubilant realm of love.”
Then he politely excused himself from the session, and walked out the door.  He was as happy to tell his story as she was to hear it.  She didn’t charge him for the consultation, because he was as uplifting as she tried to be for him, but became after all; her own exalted reciprocation.

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almost 7 years

What a simple concept that just doesn't seem to be understood by many. I think that the philosophy you speak of could quite possibly change the world, but only if more of us make the choice to implement a stronger desire for "Exalted Reciprocations," as a commonality... I very much enjoyed reading and commenting, thanks!


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