The Brewing
As words dig a hole down to the core
Devils running by the speed of sound
What enters stays and doesn’t come out
Like sponges soaking in the bad
And the good drowned in its raging rivers
Words grow horns and stir up the darkness
As peace becomes a long road ahead
Up over grassy volcanoes in their brewing
A journey of hope with its light growing dim
Its dark corridors growing
Longer with each step
And the end is a fading peace of mind
Retortions hide behind smiling masks
Building up like the wind over warm seas
Like a hurricane climbing out of its womb
Down deep inside is a peace
In its seething state
As devils swim with the current
And gloat over what they will do
What goes in will come back out
By the same measure
Like stirring up a pit of serpents
Hell is when the brewing
Comes to a boiling point
When the peace is a raving lunatic
When revenge is a natural state of mind
When life and death are insignificant
When Armageddon is all that is left
When all the lambs are slaughtered
When hell settles into its new habitat
Beware what you say and what you do
You never know what is brewing
In the minds of those you rile

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