Facial Destinies

The science professor was a bright young single woman who had received her PHD when she was in her twenties.  Her heart was pure and her mind was sagacious; all the qualities to make someone contented.  Although she was highly intelligent, her sad eyes revealed the emptiness in her heart, because beauty had betrayed her and left her longing for that fulfillment.  She had no intimate relations because of her facial appearance.  Teaching became her sole passion and her destiny.
For those who are blessed with a beautiful face, life comes easy to them.  They can either use it as a weapon to deceive love’s noble trust, or bait to lure wealthy suitors to their door.  Wealth and beauty seem to be of the same mold.  They can keep generations of beauty alive because of its magnetic qualities.  It is a blind ecstasy that overshadows the morality of the heart.
Beauty keeps the heart enflamed and the soul enchanted.  Those who wish to have this feeling working within them continuously strive to find it so they can preserve that feeling.  
The woman professor had to work hard to keep her life in order.  She could still go to her grave not knowing what love has does to her.  Only to those who can perceive the hidden beauty of the face, figure, and hue, can meditate upon its potential until its true charm and delight appear.
Life came easy to the beautiful one who might or might not have had an inner beauty; one that knows about love’s nobility and could reciprocate it.  Blind infatuation, the power of facial beauty, makes it hard to tell. Only when its power begins to weaken, true beauty can be seen.

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