Father Time, that stone hearted beast,
That scoundrel Prince of Darkness Priest,
Who steals our youth and chooses our fate
As our days zoom by our destiny we await,
That thief who steals our dermal moisture
In gratitude for our unwilling forfeiture,
That beast who laughs at the way we move,
The way we slow down and disapprove.
He rides on our backs and weakens our knees.
He increases our suffering that he oversees.
He steals our memory and laughs at our loss,
Until we give in and select him, our boss.
But there is a remedy to chase him away.
Get up and fight, much to his dismay.
Knowledge, our faithful ally,
Is always there to help us fight.
Her kind and sympathetic eyes
Oversee our futility as she
Replenishes our arsenals,
Those weapons of the past.
We can’t defeat Father Time,
But we can prolong his effect on us.

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

Thanx Nelson.

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

Today I met a 96 year old gentleman, the oldest person I've ever met, in a grocery store. He was ahead of me in the 15-item only lane. I had one item in my hand and he had close to 15. He struck
a conversation with me and apologized for not letting me ahead of him. And in the short time we shared he made me laughed like I've never laughed before, that is, talking to seniors. Such sense of humor taking life by the day. Such a clear minded almost centenarian person, his birthday in January, a Capricorn he said. And when he was ready to pay he remembered he had a coupon to which the cashier happily accommodated and adjusted the transaction. Made my day. And I pray that he continues to roll with the punches to beyond a 100. Like. Thanks again, Robert. And I pray for you too.

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Nelson D Reyes

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