Forbidden Zone
You dear sweet child, a blessing that you are
Endowed with kindness and affection as
God lives in your heart and guides your thoughts
Your joy is him smiling through you as he
Hides you from sadness and uncertainty
You dear sweet child, your doll house
Is full of love, virtue, and dignity
You talk to your dolls like
People as you think they are
Not knowing yet how they can be
And how you will be some day
You dear sweet child with your rising skirts
They rise because it makes you comfortable
Not knowing yet that the rising
Is the workings of lust’s dominion
And your nakedness
Is a playground of pleasure
How can you feel yet what others feel?
You dear sweet child,
There are wolves out there
And you are the prey
Without knowing it
Mother Nature is a steamy love story
With pages full of a sweet sadness
And your rising skirts are the plot
Your chastity is at risk as
You are the instrument of procreation
While life longs for itself
And your forbidden zone
Is the object of that longing

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Robert L. Martin
circa 6 anni

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Armann Cabrera
circa 6 anni

So strong. So strong that it's on a level i have never read or thought of. It's past a level of you dreaming while you sleep.

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