Words come as easy as the rain,
Landing on gold and silver tongues,
Finding fissures in the anxious skin,
Traveling along the corridors of the spine,
Speaking in the language of the spirit,
Sinking in the softness of the mind,
Showering the brain with prose,
As wordmen pen their poetic thoughts.
To know a word
Is to have seen a word,
As readers read and find
Millions upon millions,
Suitable for what they need,
As they filter through
And reach the brain,
And pour out on the parchment
As easy as the rain,
As wordmen give
So little of what they know.
As I labor through my writing,
Words are far away from me.
I give everything that I have found.
What is casual conversation
To the wordman is
Hours upon hours of research to me.
That’s not fair, but who is to blame
But me?

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Robert L. Martin
quasi 2 anni

I envy those who read a lot. The more words you see, the more you learn.

Nelson D Reyes
quasi 2 anni

I completely relate.

There was this online quiz about how well you know your grammar (basically words in sentences) that I took for fun. Turned out I got all correct answers and the feedback was totally amazing...that I was a wordsmith, a professor in English language and literature and the like.

But English is my second language and my wife hardly understands me! Honestly, I don’t remember let alone be able to recite any of the poems I wrote without notes. That’s probably why poets “read” their poems.

Glad to know I am not alone and in company of a great “wordman” like yourself. Thanks Robert. Like. Fave.

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Nelson D Reyes

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