Giants of the Unseen

Heavy lifters, strong backs,
feet of aerial dust, floaters of the skies,
adhesive palms, wiry lifelines,
tenacious fingers, metal veins,
iron blood, strong wills,
wills implanted by artificial means,
dedicated slaves, inheritors of servility,
beasts of the offspring of the mighty,
children of the skies, of the outer skies,
the distant skies, of spatial rooms,
rooms with no walls of roofs,
inhabitants of outer galaxies,
lifting planets and twirling them around
like spinning tops on marble tables,
playgrounds of the unseen giants,
the ones who hold the planets in place,
dedicated to the task ahead,
the ancient slaves of slaves before,
of eons drifting into eons,
the Gods of motion,
of time being dissolved into timelessness,
of planets swirling into Neverland,
sitting still with the past and future,
asleep with eyes wide open,
with the wisdom of time passing by,
with the feel of the wind in the wake,
the lore of the infinite,
the love of the faces of time,
the peacemakers of the universe,
the benevolent slaves,
the wise, the invisible, the relevant,
the dedicated, the subservient,
the unassuming, the strong,
withstanding the deviance of time,
the man made observations
and erratic deeds,
as unseen giants hold true the universe
with their steady floating.................

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